Terpen Research

Terpen is a Biotechnology Research & Development Company

Our quality of goods is surpassed only by our integrity and commitment to provide the best products on the market, for a price everyone can afford.

We have done so to ensure that our customers, family and friends receive the cleanest products coupled with the best technology in the market.

Terpen has devoted itself to the research and development of intellectual property, technology, processes and delivery systems. Research of scientific inquiry, original investigation for the advancement of scientific or engineering knowledge or improved function of a business component.

We had to learn much to get here. Our scientific and technological services, namely, research and design covers the fields of physical and engineering sciences, life sciences, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, computer and related hardware, environmental, genetics, health, medical, and physics.

Multiple hardware manufacturers procure our vital feedback to analyze and test their goods with our materials. We get access to the newest technology and future market trends, that continue to exceed our customer expectations. Part of our success has been our excellent relationships with a solid network of buyers, suppliers, vendors and market leaders. 



We develop intellectual property opportunities through R&D. We streamline and structure production, product development, and info systems needed to increase efficiency, decrease costs, and increase cash flow. From experimental labs, SOP's, software validation, to security and equipment sourcing. We can deliver data science, consumer research, and business intelligence.

We protect our intellectual property investments in a variety of ways. We work actively in the U.S. and internationally to ensure the enforcement of copyright, trademark, trade secret, and other protections that apply to our products, services, business plans, and branding. While we employ much of our internally developed intellectual property exclusively in Terpen products and services, we also engage in outbound and inbound licensing of specific patented technologies that are incorporated into licensees' or Terpen's products.

From time to time, we enter into broader cross-license agreements with other companies covering entire groups of patents. We also purchase or license technology that we incorporate into our products or services.

At times, we make select intellectual property broadly available at no or low cost to achieve a strategic objective, such as promoting industry standards, advancing interoperability, or attracting and enabling our external development community.

We develop brands and acquire intellectual property rights from natural product extracts; define scientifically sound development protocols, manage product development and then seek exit options for these developed medicines. We can supply neutraceutical and phytoceutical raw ingredients to pharmaceutical companies in the process of research, clinical trials, and/or product roll-out.