Terpen Investors

Our mission is to apply research discoveries to commercialize innovative technologies into new products.

Our vision is to educate and promote wellness products to help people live healthier and happier lives.

Our committment is to provide our customers the highest quality products on the market.


In 2017, Terpen™ began with Research & Development in Terpenes, natural oils, vaporizers and medical devices for use in respiratory therapy, inhalation therapy and topical anesthesia.

TERPEN™ develops, licenses, manufactures, markets, and distributes beauty, beverages, health and wellness products. Our products include oils, extracts, beverages, cosmetics, sports supplements, nutraceuticals, phytoceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.



Terpen™ expanded via prototype packaging services for private, custom label and ready-to-sell products, using our ready to sell 20 UPC catalog. All hemp products are compliant and grown under the 2014 Farm Bill protected under Federal law.


As your dependable Private Label supplement manufacturing, high quality customer service and fast turnaround times are of the utmost importance to not just you, but your own customers. Our consistent dependability and adherence to the most steadfast industry standards produces the products upon which we all rely on. Through an FDA registered facility, we adhere to GMP compliance and all pertinent FDA regulatory requirements. These critical manufacturing processes are performed with a faithful commitment to highest quality.


We have your entire 1 stop shop: Formulation, Packaging, Labeling, Drop Shipping, and Fulfillment. We have taken the time to bring everything in-house that you may need to build a successful business. Once we have assisted you in getting your custom formula developed or you decide to use an in house blend, our in-house designers and printing systems will help you with the private labeling of your product and your brand. Whether you provide the design for a custom bottle or need something built from scratch, we deliver what you need.



We develop intellectual property opportunities through R&D. We streamline and structure production, product development, and info systems needed to increase efficency, decrease costs, and increase cash flow. From experimental labs, SOP's, software validation, to security and equipment sourcing. We can deliver data science, consumer research, and business intelligence.


We protect our intellectual property investments in a variety of ways. We work actively in the U.S. and internationally to ensure the enforcement of copyright, trademark, trade secret, and other protections that apply to our products, services, business plans, and branding. While we employ much of our internally developed intellectual property exclusively in Terpen products and services, we also engage in outbound and inbound licensing of specific patented technologies that are incorporated into licensees' or Terpen's products.


From time to time, we enter into broader cross-license agreements with other companies covering entire groups of patents. We also purchase or license technology that we incorporate into our products or services.


We develop brands and acquire intellectual property rights from natural product extracts; define scientifically sound development protocols, manage product development and then seek exit options for these developed medicines. We can supply neutraceutical and phytoceutical raw ingredients to pharmaceutical companies in the process of research, clinical trials, and/or product roll-out.


At times, we make select intellectual property broadly available at no or low cost to achieve a strategic objective, such as promoting industry standards, advancing interoperability, or attracting and enabling our external development community.



Our strategic initiatives in hemp and cannabis, together with significant recent legislative changes have combined to give our biotechnology efforts a massive boost in the emerging hemp/cannabis industry. At the conclusion of 2018, more than half of U.S. states had approved the sale and use of medical cannabis with another 10 states allowing adult recreational consumption. Even more importantly, in an effort led by U.S. senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, the U.S. federal government enacted the 2018 Farm Bill, including an important provision to legalize hemp, which is defined as a cannabis plant containing not more than 0.3% THC. The enactment of this new federal law has accelerated hemp/cannabis biotechnology developments and spurred a slew of multimillion-dollar investments in hemp/cannabis production and extraction. Terpen is well-positioned to take advantage of the opportunities represented by these changes in the federal law.


Our company's foundation in hemp/cannabis research is already established. In 2018, a wholly owned subsidiary of Terpen entered into a worldwide license agreement with ****** in **********, through which our company was granted an exclusive sublicense in the United States and a co-exclusive sublicense in the remainder of the world, excluding Canada, to patents and patent applications relating to the hemp/cannabis plant that are required for the production of cannabinoids, the major active ingredients in the hemp/cannabis plant. Our subsequent investments in research generated important new cannabis streams, including one with zero-THC.


Terpen is entering into a research agreement with the ****** to optimize our company's proprietary hemp plant for growth in the historical southern belt of the United States. Further, we are in the process of obtaining a California State hemp research license for our research laboratory in California. Utilizing our proprietary technology, Terpen's primary mission in hemp/cannabis is to develop proprietary hemp/cannabis plant lines for important new medicines and robust agricultural crops in order to improve the health and lives of people around the world. Going forward, I am pleased to announced Terpen will substantially increase the company's investment in the development of hemp/cannabis intellectual property.


While our company's molecular biotechnology laboratory is an important component in achieving our mission of creating new varieties of hemp/cannabis, our strategy also includes assembling an entire network of accomplished hemp and cannabis researchers, partner companies and universities. In addition to our existing research relationships, we are currently in negotiations to enter into several new strategic alliances. Terpen is forming a vertically integrated hemp and cannabis nexus that combines research, production and extraction. And combining our technology with the assets and abilities of our strategic partners, Terpen will have access to advanced gene-editing techniques, valuable hemp/cannabis germplasm, extensive growing facilities, dozens of experienced hemp and cannabis scientists, and much more.


The foundation of any biotechnology effort is the acquisition of genetic material. To this end, we have already developed or acquired exclusive rights to dozens of unique and proprietary varieties of hemp and cannabis plants, each with valuable agronomic traits and/or exceptional cannabinoid profiles. Though we are continually adding to our genetic library, we already have an incredible inventory of genetic variability. Literally, the building blocks for dozens of new improved plant varieties.


Our library of hemp/cannabis germplasm is unique and crucial, and of in crucial importance to our research objectives. It sets us apart as a major player in the hemp/cannabis biotechnology field. Using genome sequences from the hemp/cannabis varieties to which we have developed and/or acquired exclusive rights, we are working to identify genes responsible for regulating cannabinoid biosynthesis, drought tolerance, disease resistance, increased flower production, increased cannabinoid production and overall plant growth and yields. Currently, in our own labs, Terpen is working to reproduce cannabinoid biosynthesis independent of the hemp/cannabis plant.


In this way, we hope to develop hemp plants that yield single high-value cannabinoids instead of the cocktail of cannabinoids produced by conventional hemp/cannabis plants. A single cannabinoid plant that produces high levels of a rare cannabinoid would be a boon for our own extraction activities and for third-party extractors. Each project that we initiate is expected to lead to valuable intellectual property and products. All of our hemp and cannabis research must deploy our mission to develop new varieties of hemp and cannabis plants to improve the health and lives of people around the world.


As we assemble hemp/cannabis strategic partnerships, as we develop new biotechnology methods for manipulation of plant genes, and as we create new hemp/cannabis varieties to improve lives, we will simultaneously enhance shareholder value. Although we did not intend to enter the complex regulatory arena of marketing hemp/cannabis-based consumer goods, we do plan to become a source of highly coveted hemp/cannabis genetics, plant varieties, and high-value extracted cannabinoids.



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